• Vision
    • To develop professionals having sound computer expertise.

    • To impact quality computer education to the students and to groom them to be technologist, professionals and dedicated citizens.

    Goals & Objectives
    • >> To provide educational facilities for training the students for career in computer field.

      >> To enable the students to understand the basic knowledge underpinning these disciplines.

      >> To develop the entrepreneurial skills of the students so as to enable them to utilize the centrally available resources.

      >> To develop students with high level of performance and competence as required by current and future industries so as to enable them to utilize the centrally available resources.

  • Faculty Profile

    • Mrs. Jadhav Pratibha Mangesh
    • (Head of Department)
    • M.Sc.(Computer Science),17 years of Experience
    • Dr. Kulkarni Anjali Nitin
    • M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Computer Science
    • Artificial Intelligence, 20 years of Experience
    • Mrs. Aishwarya Piyush Raykar
    • M.Sc.Computer Science
    • 6 years of Experience
    • Asst. Prof. Shubhangi S. Wankhede
    • M.Sc., UGC-NET Computer Science, Ph.D. (Pursuing)
    • 8 years of Experience
    • Asst. Prof. Sagar Vyavahare
    • M.Sc. Computer Science
    • 10 Years of Experience
    • Asst. Prof. Rashmi Prabha
    • MCA (Masters in Computer Application)
    • UGC- NET, MH-SET Qualified in Computer Science.
    • Ms. Pooja V. Dandale
    • M.Sc.
    • 1 year of Experience
    • Mrs. Bertilla Fernandes
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