Cultural Association


Tying the world through varied cultural activities.


To organize a plethora of cultural events so as to promote and encourage the talents and skills of the learners to strike a perfect balance between academics and entertainment and to awaken the learners to their vocation.

Goals & objective

  • To tap the hidden talents of the learners and provide them proper platform.
  • To arrange collegiate and inter-collegiate cultural activities to increase the interactions among these learners of various fields of art.
  • To acquaint the learners with our rich culture and heritage for better understanding of human life.
  • To invite eminent personalities from the various fields of art to guide our learners.
  • To allow the learners the means to break the monotony of routine activities and resume the work with renewed vigour.
  • To organize various Workshops for overall personality development of the learners.
  • To carve out the best actors, directors, dancers, choreographers, singers and composers as successful professionals and citizens to the society.

Academic Year 2017-2018


Academic Year 2018-2019


Academic Year 2019-2020