• Vision
    • Preparing students for successful management and leadership roles in business and to generate a group of human capital who are knowledgeable in business and management, as well as technically competent to efficiently and effectively manage a business enterprise and compete internationally.
    • Providing a rich blend of management related environment required to equip learners with array of knowledge and skills needed to have a successful career.
    Goals & Objectives
    • To provide basic understanding about management education.
    • To develop the lateral thinking, communication skills and social responsibilities and strengthen the analytical, interpersonal organization and decision making skills through presentations and seminars.
    • To provide an adequate exposure to operational environment in the field of management.
    • To pursue knowledge hand in hand with the extracurricular activities which aims in developing an individual with strong personal values.
    • To encourage and inculcate the use of modern technology to solve the practical problems in the real world.
    • To integrate industrial interaction in the form of guest lectures, field visits and live projects.
    • To prepare learners for future career success by encouraging them to develop necessary tools and skills, including written and oral communication skills, an ability to work with others, leadership qualities, and a capability to creatively solve problems.
    • To provide learners with an appreciation of practical business applications and an awareness of the current competitive business environment through the use of internships, outside speakers, service-learning, study abroad, and other innovative methods.
  • Faculty Profile

    • Michel Jancy Arul Kumar
    • M.Com., MBA
    • Human Resource & Marketing
    • 12 years of Experience
    • Reema.E.K
    • MBA
    • Finance & Marketing
    • 2 years of Experience
    • Miss. Nilima Ganesh Nimje
    • MMS, UGC – NET (Management)
    • Management (Marketing)
    • 5 months of Experience
    • Prof. (Mrs.) SNEHA T. BANDAL
    • M.Com (Banking and Finance), M.com (MHRM), Diploma in Financial Management.
    • Marketing and Human Resource Management
    • 07 years of Experience
    • Prof. Rashmi R. Waghmare
    • Pursuing PH.D (HR) , M.B.A & M.COM , B.ED
    • HR
    • 5 years of Experience
    • Devashree Salil Gadgil
    • MPM,MBA
    • HR
    • 11 years of Experience
    • Ms. Menka Rajendra Nalawade
    • M.B.A., M.Com
    • Finance
    • 6 years of Experience
    • Anshu Sinha
    • MBA
    • Marketing and Finance
    • 8 months of Experience
    • Prof.Kushalkumar N Kuranis
    • PGDBM,MCom,UGC-NET & SET,CS(Inter)
    • Finance
    • 8 years of Experience
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