• Vision
    • Continuously enhancing our understanding of the living world around and transferring this knowledge to benefit everyone.

    • To explore animal world with respect to scientific principles and technologies.

    Goals & Objectives
    • >> To familiarize the learners with basic concept of animal science.

      >> To aware the learners about ecology and importance of its conservation.

      >> To inculcate genetic approach.

      >> To teach the use of various techniques for the improvement of animal life.

      >> To introduce the related aspects of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology.

      >> To provide the learners with new ideas of the modern life sciences.

  • Faculty Profile

    • Dr. Mhatre Manda Anil
    • M.Sc. Ph.D. M.B.A. in Finance. Diploma in Bio-programmingEndocrinology
    • 20 years of Experience
    • Dr. (Mrs.) Muniv Yojana Sidaram
    • M.Sc. Ph.D.Entomology
    • 5 years of Experience
    • Ms. Kamble Jayashree
    • MSc BedCell Biology
    • 9 years of Experience
    • Ms. Hiremath Shruti Ravindra
    • M.Sc, (SET)
    • 3 years of Experience
    • Mr. Khan Laiqur Rehman Moiz
    • M.Sc.
    • 3 years of Experience
  • Department Profile

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