• Vision
    • Building a sound academic foundation of learners aspiring to pursue career in arena of physics.

    • To enable the students to study non-living things in systematic and formulated way with specific approach.

    Goals & Objectives
    • >> To stimulate learners desire to apply their knowledge to practical life.

      >> To help the learners to grasp the principles of Physics.

      >> To encourage learners to accustom themselves with updated knowledge of the subjects.

  • Faculty Profile

    • Mrs. Patil Gauri Umesh
    • M.S.c, B.Ed, SET Electronics
    • 20 years of Experience
    • Mr. Kamble Satyajit Shahaji
    • M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil., SET Electronics
    • 17 years of Experience
    • Ms. Prajakta M. Mhatre
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