• Vision
    • Producing scientific and technical manpower necessary for achieving the national goal of trained microbiologists.

    • To provide knowledge and skills in Microbiology that will empower the learners through awareness of the significance of Microorganisms in plant, animal and human health, environment, industry and general human welfare through a problem based and skill oriented curriculum.

    Goals & Objectives
    • >> To provide the learners with an understanding of the basic Microbiology principles those have provided the foundation for the development of the realm of microbes.

      >> To inculcate critical approach and attitude to develop research abilities.

      >> To facilitate harmonious symphony of excellence in teaching.

      >> To derive aesthetic pleasure and develop intellectual analysis.

      >> To create opportunity to develop inborn skills.

      >> To acquaint learners with knowledge of microbiological world.

  • Faculty Profile

    • Mr. Vadnere Nilesh Chandrabhan
    • M.Sc. Microbiology, CSIR-UGC NET (JRF)Microbiology
    • UG: 17 years and PG: 11 years of Experience
    • Mrs. Tidar Nilima Pradeep
    • MSc Microbiology SETMicrobiology
    • 10 years of Experience
    • Mr. Sathe Ganesh Sadashiv
    • M.Sc.(Microbiology),NET,SET,ICAR-NET,GATE,BANRFMolecular Biology and Microbial Techniques
    • 14 years of Experience
    • Mrs. Gandharkar Archana
    • M.Sc. (Microbiology), DBM, Certified Internal Auditor for ISO 9001-2000/2008 for total quality control, Pursuing Ph.D. Microbiology
    • 14 years of Experience
    • Mr. Vemula Anvesh Narshimlu
    • M. Sc. Microbiology, ICAR-NET (Agricultural Microbiology), Pursuing Ph. D.Interested in Genetics
    • 10 years of Experience
    • Ms. Garude Namita Ramakant
    • M. Sc. Microbiology, PET (University of Mumbai)Interested in Cell Biology & Applied Microbiology, Pursuing Ph. D.
    • 5 years of Experience
    • Ms. Shweta N. Patil
    • Mrs. Shweta Vinayak Humbarwadi
    • M. Sc. Microbiology, MH-SET, Pursuing Ph. D.
    • 10 Years of Experience
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