• Vision
    • Understanding the past in order to live wisely in a diverse and global community. 

    • To prepare learners to live intelligently in a diverse and global community by teaching them to understand, analyze and interpret the past, evaluate critically the ways in which the past shapes the current world and develop the skills that allow them to communicate their knowledge and ideas effectively.

    Goals & Objectives
    • ·       To create curiosity and interest among the learners about historical facts and figures culture, heritage and good traditions.

      ·       To make the learners realize the past mistakes and learn to avoid them for better future.

      ·       To create a sense of national integration and nationalism

      ·       To develop learners’ interest in and to promote their study of the past.

      ·       To promote historical (subject specific) skills including the understanding of cultural, social, political, economic, intellectual and religious changes in the past, and their relation to the present context.

      ·       To present the complex data to demonstrate an understanding of historical problems and debates.

      ·     To extend learners’ general intellectual development by improving comprehension of their own and others’ cultures, their sense of proportion about current issues and problems.

  • Faculty Profile

    • Dr. (Mrs.) Mhatre Ratnaprabha Dharmaji
    • M.A. B.Ed. M.Phil. Ph.D.History
    • 26 years of Experience
    • Mr. Bhoir Bhavesh Arun
    • B.A., M.A.(History), SET
    • 3 years of Experience
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