• Vision
    • Overall personality development by acquisition of effective communication and appreciation of world classics in literature which foster renaissance in all spheres of life.

    • To inculcate passion for English amongst the learners, encouraging for apt understanding of world classics and enabling them to delve in universal truths and path of righteousness and thus facilitating excellent citizens for the nation.

    Goals & Objectives
    • >> To familiarize the learners with methods of effective communication and its applicability.

       >> To motivate and to make the learners comfortable to learn the English language.

       >> To enhance skills of presentation among the learners.

       >> To inculcate passion for English learning and encourage creativity.

       >> To sharpen literary aptitude of the learners with classic masterpieces.

       >> To realize the importance of English for enhancement of employability.

       >> To impart universal truths, moral and social values and refined approach about life among the learners.

       >> To educate learners to read and think critically, to write and communicate effectively, and to enable learners to achieve their educational goals through the principles of the English literature.

       >> To enhance critical thinking, faculty of imagination and aesthetic beauty among the learners of literature.

       >> To help the learners to understand various aspects of the communication process and the dynamic role of technology in the process.

  • Faculty Profile

    • Dr. Yeole Rajesh Vishnu
    • 20 Years
    • Renuka Anand Ganeshe
    • M.A., M.Phil.(English), SET
    • 1 year
    • Mrs. Rupali Kumar Patil
    • 5 years
    • Ms. Yashika Ganesh Bhagat
    • M. A. English Literature
    • 2 years
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