• Vision
    • Provision of basic tools of economic analysis to enable the learner to understand and evaluate economic problems and politics and to acquire economic literacy. 2

    • To aware the learners about the issues in economics responsible for changing environment and to accept its challenges.
    Goals & Objectives
    •  >>  To make learners understand the basic concepts of economics.

      >> To generate awareness amongst learners about changing environment in economics.

      >> To organize field visits, surveys and to understand the basic theories of economics in practical world.

      >> To motivate and inspire learners to undertake projects on various economic issues local area through personal interaction.

      >> To enhance knowledge of the faculty by motivating them to participate in seminars, workshops, conferences, symposia, etc.

      >>  To attain versatility in application of skills and tools to understand the issues in economics.

  • Faculty Profile

    • Dr. Patil Balasaheb S
    • Ph. D (Economics),M.A. (Psychology),SET (Economics),M.A. (Economics),B.A.. Economics
    • Mr. Dhawale Kakasaheb N
    • M.A., B. Ed.
    • 20 years of Experience
    • Mr. Kharat Haribhau
    • M.A. (Economics)
    • 11 years
    • Dr. Dhore Kaluram Babusha
    • M.A. (Economics), NET, Ph.D. PGDFT
    • 6 years
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    Enrolled in Year 2019-20 to 2020-21
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