• Vision
    • Development of a Centre of Excellence in Biotechnology education and research that will train the most needed man power in the various fields of Biotechnology and to cater the increasing global demand of Biotechnologist.

    • To realize Biotechnology as one of the greatest intellectual enterprises of humankind to provide the impetus that fulfills this potential of understanding life processes and utilizing them to the advantage of humanity.

    Goals & Objectives
    • >> To produce high quality learners in the field of Biotechnology to the University, state agencies and the private sectors.

      >> To offer workshops, short courses and other educational opportunities as appropriate to maximize access and effective use of the subject.

      >> To develop scientific attitude and sense of observation in learners.

      >> To inculcate the research aptitude among the learners.

      >> To produce learners who will be capable of doing advanced research and studies for higher degree in various fields of Biotechnology.

      >> To develop and provide excellent research tools and capabilities through our resource facilities.

      >> To co-ordinate and initiate training activities for learners.

      >> To become a resource center for Biotechnology information and education.

      >> To gain a broader perspective of Biotechnology-related issues by stimulating interaction among the Biotechnology disciplines.

      >> To produce qualified graduates and post of Biotechnology to meet the emerging needs for Biotechnologists.

  • Faculty Profile

    • Dr. (Mrs.) Kokitkar Seema Sambhaji
    • M.Sc., Ph.D., Postdoc. (NET, GATE)Biochemistry and Biotechnology Biochemistry and Biotechnology
    • 19 years of Experience
    • Mr. Ghadage Sushilkumar
    • M.Sc. Microbiology CSIR NET,SET,GATEMicrobiology
    • 15 Year of Experience
    • Mrs. Chavan Latika Rajendra
    • M.Sc. BiotechnologyBiotechnology
    • 25 years of Experience
    • Mrs. Vaishampayan Madhuri Darshan
    • MSc. BiotechnologyBiotechnology
    • 8 years of Experience
    • Dr. Ghangale Sharmila Shashikant
    • M.Sc.(Biochem.),B.M.Tech., M.Phil., Ph.D.
    • 14 years of Experience
    • Ms. Nanekar Rupali Dinbandhu
    • M.Sc. BiotechnologyBiotechnology
    • 6 years of Experience
    • Mrs. Bhavana P Suryawanshi
    • M.Sc. Biotechnology, SET & GATE
    • 2 Year
    • Dr. Anuprita Watharkar
    • M.Sc. Biotechnology, GATE Ph.D Biotechnology
    • 2 Years
    • Ms. Lama Sirkhot
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    Enrolled in Year 2019-20 to 2020-21

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